Wizard of Oz Coloring Pages

Here we have a nice set of coloring pages from the magic Land of Oz! Dorothy, Wizard, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Ozma, Cowardly Lion, Hungry Tiger and many other heroes are all ready to be printed and colored, you just need some free time and a pinch of imagination!

This black and white illustrations were carefully scanned and edited from original works of John Rea Neill, who was also called Royal illustrator of Oz. It’s easy to see why…

Of course you noticed Dorothy and princess Ozma on first and the Wizard with twelve monkeys in the second colouring page. Next pair shows Scarecrow in two different situations: with his buddy and being in trouble.

The Land of Oz is full of magic. Transformations are something usual and this goose and angry lady are actually Ruggedo the Nome and Gugu the King. Use some coloring pencils to help them at another transformation!

Coloring pages are entertaining for all ages and it seems Captain Bill on next two sheets is having good time too. Who wouldn’t be happy with a magical fruit tree?

Cowardly Lion is one of the most popular characters in the series about Oz. We just have to include him in our selection of pages to be coloured!

As we can see on next two sheets even something so simple as a transportation can be real adventure in the Land of Oz. Dorothy and Wizard got their share af adrenaline riding a lion and a tiger.

Magic is sort of hard science. Nothing can be done without experiments… What do you think, what made the Wizard of Oz so happy?

Ready for some more magic? Monkeys are much smaller than they should be and soldiers are not soldiers at all!

But most important of all, this is still a story about friendship, like the friendship between Dorothy and Cap’n Bill. What could we do without a friend?

The Land of Oz is full of interesting characters as Hungry Tiger, Dorothy from Kansas, Princess Ozma, Tin Man,… And all of them need to be painted!

Just beware of the wicked old Nome!

We hope you enjoy in this selection from the marvelous Wizard of Oz coloring pages!


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