Coloring Pages For Boys With Rascals Series

We all know what kind of coloring pages are popular among boys, don’t we? Popular cartoon and comic characters, racing cars, action and adventure related themes, … Well, boys are actually interested in many different things and variety of their interests is shown in next set of printable coloring sheets too.

Let’s start with a printable coloring calendar for year 2015, which is also available with already colored picture.

We have a permission to use some of the illustrations from popular book series about Rascals from 3 a (and they eventually manage to 4 a as well).

We can offer them to all the fans together with everybody else who is looking for good quality coloring pages with scenes from life of a pretty normal boy who gets in all sorts of troubles, but solves them in unique and humorous ways.

These are the first two books in the series:

Shall we meet the major characters? Apart from first person narrator whose name is never mentioned, there are his best friends Ben and Jake. They are always hanging together, no matter if they are at school or somewhere else.

The second picture presents other major character too: Anne, narrator’s secret love, Polly, the biggest nerd in the classroom, and Mike, who posses a special talent to be injured even if this is impossible. It’s the same picture which is used as the cover of the first book about rascals from 3 a, so you can color it by your choice and compare the result with the one by illustrator and caricaturist Samo Jencic.

Next two printable coloring pages feature Jake with his signature sign – a fishing rod. It seems he always carry it with him, although never managed to catch any fish. Well, he still uses it – sometimes in pretty original ways, not to mention problems it sometimes causes to him or people in his presence.

By the way, fishing is still a popular relaxing occupation, comparable with page coloring.

As we can see on next two coloring sheets (both printable and completely free for your personal use), every deed has a consequence and even the best plans don’t always have favorable results. Kids from 3 a definitely never ran out of plans …

And conflicts and occasional bruise are part of the life, right? After every tear time for a good laugh comes!

Spending time with coloring pages undoubtedly has its benefits, but kids are active in all kinds of areas. Going out, in nature, being physically active, and maybe do something useful, like helping a farmer, or something, is always on the list of these boys and girls.

Don’t worry, they’ll always find a way to make some damage and entertain the audience!

Next two coloring sheets depict scenes from short stories Silly Little Dog (collection of short stories Rascals from 3 A Again) and My Little Brother (collection of short stories Rascals from 3 A), both presenting important milestones in boy’s life.

But – when you are young, almost everything seems like a lifetime event, isn’t it? Too pity time flies so fast …

School is not just about lessons and learning facts, it is actually full of interesting projects, which often stay in memory long after the boring dates and names fade away. Next two pages to color re presenting scenes from the award winning story for kids named Snow-White and the Seven Dwarves, where the class from 3 a tries to enact a play for the school celebration.

You can imagine thing didn’t pan out exactly according to teacher’s wishes.

School activities are not preparation for life like some believe. They are actually part of life and kids sometimes participate in them with unbelievable passion.

Just like coloring for boys never mean just coloring, a science day is not just a science day, it’s full rounden experience, and a hance to embrace their love to experiment, what is not always welcomed at authorities.

With the coloring pages above we concluded scenes from first two books about rascals from 3a, but you can enjoy in few more black and white drawings from other books, which are not avalable in USA yet.

Who is in the mood for some winter activities?

Snowball fight is undoubtly on the top of the list and here are just two examples of participants who belong in two groups. They either love it or hate it, without compromise. Snowball fight is a serious job which requires some planning, sacrifice and sometimes, well, there are casualities as well.

If we are looking for coloring sheets as indoor activity to compliment outdoor plays, here are few pages to color, all free for personal use.

Coloring pages have many benefits for kids, if we use them wisely, just like everything else. In our case, with the stories about little rascals in mind, they may serve as a source of inspiration too.

Can’t go hiking? Too tired for jogging? The weather is not suitable? No, problem, here are few pages to color, until we find an alternative!

While we praise the benefits of coloring for boy and girls, which improves hand-eye coordination and, with proper guidance, ignites imagination, don’t forget about benefits of sports. Life should be composed from many different activities, each aiming at different skills, from physical to social, all well balanced into healthy mix.

As we can see in these sports themed coloring sheets sport also contributes to family bonding. We can’t all excel in classroom or on the fast track, but in the end what really counts are our relationships with family and friends. By the way – sport is great to get some new friends and these friendships often last for lifetime!

Stories about Little Rascals talk about third- and fourth-graders who are growing up with all the ups and downs, what includes first sympathies, with stuttering, blushing, first exchange of telephone numbers and everything what comes by. This is the reason the stories became almost as popular among girls as among boys.

To be honest – parents love to take them in their hands as well. So why not print a coloring page or two and color them, everybody for himself, maybe even organize a small family competition on the rainy day?

Boy at this age, we sometimes call them preteens, are insatiable for knowledge. It seems nothing is too technical for them.

Computers and video games are their passion and we had to include few pages to print and color, just to give them a chance to see how devoted are at their play, being a mission where they are saving the world from imaginary enemies or just hanging together and chatting with their peers.

Like it or not, boys will always be boys, always on the way from one to another kind of trouble, sometimes in school, sometimes in free time, and as we can see even the Santa in this Christmas themed coloring page is no safe. Who knows is we was a little rascal before he grew up? Huh? Food fro thought, right?

We hope you enjoyed in these printable coloring sheets for boys and girls and parents and everybody who loves a good laugh with Little Rascals from 3 a series. Remember – all these images are copyrighted, but available for personal use (please, don’t copy them on other web pages, our artist give permission for this site only) and you are of course free to share the link to this page with your friends.

For all the fans, who may want to have the adventures of little rascals from 3 a in high quality print and in form of monthly calendar for 2015, or give one as a gift, we conclude our journey in the coloring land.

Here is a link to selection of personalized calendars for kids, where you can add your name or something else to personalize it. Enjoy!


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