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Puppies are so cute we had to prepare a special coloring page dedicate to them only.


Puppy is not only a small dog, it's a cute and cuddly pet which can melt a heart with just a blink of its big eyes. They are popular in children's books, regulars in cartoons and of course we could not skip them in our coloring collection neither.


There is a selection of puppies with different expressions, with more or less human charcteristics, we even got one cuttie with a hat on... What is the most important, they all ready to be printed and colored in your favorite technique. Drawing pencils, water colors, markers... you name it. Enjoy!


cartoon puppy

coloring page puppy












cute doggie with hurt paw

puppy coloring sheet

















puppy sad

puppy with a hat










angry doggie



















We hope you have found a puppy coloring page suitable to your taste. If you are more into 'proper' dogs, there are also some free dog coloring pages available in our web site. Have fun:)







All printable colouring pages in this site are free for personal use. Some are made from public domain resources and others donated by our artists.

If you would like to feature any of these images on your blog or web site, please contact us and we'll find a way to give you best possible material in exchange for proper credit.


Thank you for your visit!

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