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Christmas is probably the most popular holiday on the planet. It is an opportunity to take few days off to spend some quality time with family, to celebrate, cheer and enjoy in presents. We all like giving and receiving them, aren't we?















Family activities are almost obligatory part of Christmas holidays and if we don't have luck with weather, we can play fun games or maybe color some themed coloring sheets.


All presented Christmas coloring pages are completely free for your personal use and we invite you to share them with your friends, because sharing is one of the mot important elements of this holiday.


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Did you know Santa Claus originate from the Saint Nicolas, who's day is celebrated few weeks before Christmas (on 6 December), but was renamed to his current name from Dutch Sinter Claas and the celebration of his day removed due delay caused by traveling from Europe to America?
















The image of modern Santa was created in 1881 by Thomas Nast and his signature red and white dress was popularized by Coca-Cola advertisements in 1930s. He is now so popular, all countries on the Nortth claim his home is inside their borders.


There are many world conventions dedicsted to Santa's image with current world record of 13 thousand people dressed in Santa (Derry City, Great Britain, 2007).


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Christmas presents are another tradition coming from the story of Saint Nicolas, who gave presents to poor people, especially children, to help them out of all sorts of troubles.


He did it secretly and this is still one of the major attractions on Santa - kids don't see him when he actually brings the gifts. He can leave them in special Christmas stockings or under the tree. Here are two related picture aiting to be colored.















Decorating a tree is another part of Christmas tradition, so among images of Santa Claus and his faithful reindeers here you can find a sheet with Christmas tree to color.


Prepare the coloring pencils and let your imagination flow.


















It is not clear how can Santa deliver so many gifts in so short amount of time or even how he mange to get through chimneys (and what about the places withouth chimneys?), but it looks this is another parrt of his mysterious charm.

So color these Santa hats in jolly colors, put one one and enjoy the holidays.















Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with free colouring pages!




All printable colouring pages in this site are free for personal use. Some are made from public domain resources and others donated by our artists.

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